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We're confident that our product range and installation service are the best in the industry. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We welcome the opportunity to work with you and transform your area into something we will all be proud of.

Lush Turf Solutions’ Synthetic Grass is completely safe for your family and pets. No heavy metals are used in the manufacturing process.

The fibres are non abrasive so no more grazed knees or ‘carpet burns’.

Consumers are more aware of the alternatives to the older style 'Astro Turf'. Selecting Lush Lawn and Lush Meadow for a softer and more natural looking landscape.

Pet mess will not stain the fibres, just scoop and hose off as you would with natural turf. As for strength – Pi, and his friends at Dreamworlds Tiger Cub enclosure are still enjoying our Synthetic Grass. It’s tough enough for tigers and will certainly withstand the use from family pets.

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