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Know the Cost – Receive an Instant Estimate with Our Artificial Grass Calculator

Lush, green grass, all year round. No lawn mowing, no watering and minimised weeding. Investing in artificial grass can be a real money saver in its own right over time – but any new investment can be costly up front. We’re passionate about helping you decide on what solution best suits your needs, budget, and property.

That’s why we’ve added a handy synthetic grass calculator to calculate the cost of your lawn project before commencing. To learn more about our lawn turf calculator, or discuss your received cost quote, feel free to get in touch with our friendly team.

The benefits of synthetic grass

There’s a reason why so many properties across Brisbane and Australia are swapping to synthetic grass. Not only does it not require water to stay emerald green, but it also requires far less work, is hypo allergenic, reduces the need of harmful chemicals and pesticides, and is a softer alternative to bristly, dry grass for children’s feet and pets’ paws alike. As a bonus, it adds real curb appeal to your property!

Understanding the synthetic grass calculator

The estimate received through the calculator is an approximate cost that includes the installation of your chosen synthetic turf based on your measurements provided. As each yard/area differs we are unable to estimate a cost on any additional works such as removing existing vegetation, stones, garden beds, and any additional fill that may be required.

We are honest and open with our assessment, so please feel free to call and provide us with more information so we can advise an estimate on any additional site preparation that may be required.

The importance of knowing the price beforehand

We know investing in artificial grass is more of an outlay than natural grass at first, but with all the cost saving benefits that come along with opting for premium quality synthetic grass, it’s an option worth investing in. At Lush Turf Solutions, we’re passionate about helping our customers source the best solution at the best price for their homes, resulting in the best result.

When you’re ready to commence your artificial lawn turf upgrade – don’t hesitate to get in touch! We’re also here to answer any and all questions regarding our products and services! Call us on 07 3390 2551.

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