Lush Turf Solutions are passionate about helping our customers introduce a cost-effective, low-stress, highly aesthetic alternative to real lawns into their Gold Coast properties – synthetic grass!

Artificial turf takes away the dreaded duties of watering, cutting, feeding, and pruning that is found with real lawns, leaving you with a beautiful final result, all year round, with minimal effort. It is also more cost effective, as the water bills will be slashed to a fraction of what they once were, given there is no longer a need for irrigation (which is also a benefit for the environment and preserving our resources). For those who are concerned of how it holds up in our climate, we have a guarantee around the synthetic turf’s durability to withstand dry spells, and even serious rainfall, with the help of perforated holes allowing proper drainage.

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The Leading Providers of Artificial Grass in the Gold Coast

Aside from the amazing beaches, the Gold Coast and Redlands is also renowned for its breathtaking rainforests, mangrove islands and fantastic bushwalking trails. But while leafy, overgrown shrubs are fantastic out in the wild, they are less pleasant at home — especially as they’re the perfect breeding ground for unwanted pests. Lawns and gardens require a lot of time to maintain and, with the busy lifestyles that we lead these days, time is something that is very hard to come by. That’s the reason why more and more people across the Logan, Greater Brisbane and Gold Coast are turning to synthetic grass and turf, as it takes the hassle out of maintaining your property, all the while giving your home a much cleaner and neater appearance.

The Gold Coasts best synthetic grass and turf

No longer do you need to spend valuable time getting rid of weeds and mowing the lawn under the glare of the Gold Coast sun. Having artificial grass at home minimises weeds, saves you time and more importantly, money with our fantastic prices.

Lush Turf Solutions are at the forefront of providing synthetic grass and turf to residents in the Gold Coast, as well as people across Queensland and throughout the rest of Australia. Armed with many years of experience giving beautiful lawns to our clients, we are the go-to destination for top quality artificial grass. No enquiry is too large or too difficult for the experts at Lush Turf Solutions. With an artificial lawn, finding time for garden and lawn maintenance is no longer an issue — so what are you waiting for?

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