Without a great deal of exposure to synthetic grass, you may not be aware of its many benefits to your Ipswich property. There’s a lot more than just the high aesthetic appeal of replicating a real lawn with artificial turf.

Thanks to the elimination of mowing, pruning, watering, cutting and feeding, synthetic turfs are extraordinarily low maintenance. Artificial grass is also incredibly durable, surviving high levels of foot traffic and pets, as well as the harsher elements of our climate, like incessant dry periods, unrelenting sun, or even torrential rain, due to the cleverly perforated holes aiding drainage. And speaking of water, you can save on those bills and be more environmentally conscious now there is no need to pull out the hose or irrigation system for your artificial lawn. You might be worried about a harsh surface, but as one of the preferred suppliers of quality artificial turf here, we guarantee our synthetic grass supplies and other products are soft, durable and free from any dangerous heavy metals or lead.

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Get Premium & High-Quality Synthetic Turf Supplies or Artificial Grass in Ipswich

Having green spaces in your home can be lovely and help brighten up any space. Whether it’s your courtyard, backyard or front yard you can never go wrong with having a bit of greenery.

However, it can be a hassle having to take care and maintain grass or lawn areas. Which is why Lush Turf Solutions are proud suppliers of high quality and durable synthetic turf supplies, so you can create artificial lawn areas in your home with as little hassle as possible.

How Can Synthetic Turfs & Artificial Lawns Benefit Your Ipswich Home?

Having an artificial lawn in your home is an easy way to create an enjoyable soft, green space without the stress of maintaining the grass.

When you choose to get synthetic turf for your home, you will have the benefit of:

  • Not worrying about bindis, insects and other pests burrowing in your artificial grass
  • Saving on water usage as artificial lawns don’t need to be watered
  • Not having grass or dirt stains on clothing when you sit outside on artificial grass
  • Beautiful green surface all year round, no matter the weather
  • A more comfortable surface as synthetic turfs are softer on the feet compared to concrete or tiles
  • A product that will last for years and is very low maintenance

These are just a few of the benefits you get when you opt to have quality synthetic grass supplies from trusted suppliers installed in your home.

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